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Râşneac Boris, doctor, professorRâşneac Boris, doctor, professor

Institution:The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Adviser Number:14 April, 2006, nr.593
Specialties: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation

Thesis under consideration [1]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D The formation of professional and applied competencies among students of the «Primary Education» profile in the content of the course «Moldavian national mobile games» 13.00.04 The State University of P... CSS member
Manolachi Victor

Approved theses [15]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Practicing various forms of active tourism in order to socialize adolescents 13.00.04 The State University of P... adviser 28.04.2022
D Methodology of introducing a computerized aqua-tow for the development of speed-power abilities of professional swimmers 13.00.01 The State University of P... adviser 01.03.2022
D Therapeutic swimming in preventing physical functional deficiencies of the spine at prepubertal children 13.00.04 The State University of P... adviser
Racu Sergiu
D Pedagogical value of fitness activities in the socialization of middleaged women 13.00.04 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... consultant
Goncearuc Svetlana
D Management instruction of specialists in physical education through alternative forms of distance learning/ part time education: doctoral thesis in pedagogical sciences 13.00.04 The State University of P... consultant
Budevici Anatolie
D Modeling of application specific means swimming in the restoration and recovery of persons of age 31-40 years 13.00.04 The State University of P... adviser 07.10.2015
D Professional formation of the students from higher education in the field of physical education and sport on specialization: “Tourism manager” 13.00.04 The State University of P... adviser 09.10.2012
D Tactical training modelling of the junior national ligue football players 13.00.04 The State University of P... adviser 03.06.2010
D The prognosis of psychomotor training of sportswomen from 14-16 years old specialized in 50 m Crawl track by mathematical models 13.00.04 adviser 24.01.2008
D Pedagogical and professional prepare of physical education and sport students for optional course on ecological tourism 13.00.04 adviser 20.12.2007
D Optimization of process of physical training of pupils of a gymnasia level depending on factors of environment 13.00.04 adviser 18.10.2007
D Individual physical and technical training prepare for football players in winter period 13.00.04 adviser 28.09.2006
D Highschool pupils personality education through touristic school activities 13.00.04 adviser
Goncearuc Svetlana
D Profesional-pedagogic preparation of students from faculties of physical education and sport inside „Pedagogic practice” discipline 13.00.04 adviser 27.04.2006
D Optimizarea structurii şi conţinutului pregătirii fizice şi psihomotrice specifice a studenţilor marinari în cadrul practicilor nautice marinăreşti 13.00.04 adviser 26.01.2006