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Historical traditions of school theatre in Romania

Author: Alexandrescu Ion
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Ludmila Papuc
doctor, associate professor (docent), Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"
Institution: Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"


The thesis was presented on the 15 March, 2023 at the meeting of the Scientific Council and now it is under consideration of the National Council.


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CZU 37.015.3:792(498)(043.3)

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264 pages


school theatre, professional theatre, artistic education through theatre, popular theatre, theatrical art, history of universal theatre, history of Romanian theatre, formal and non-formal education, aesthetic-artistic training, theatre projects


Thesis structure: Introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 248 sources, annotation (in Romanian, Russian and English), 120 pages of basic text, 23 tables, 5 illustrations, 13 annexes. Research goal: it aims at the historical and pedagogical argumentation of the impact of school theatre on the aesthetic-artistic formation of the students' profile and the elaboration of the theoretical-applicative benchmarks of integration in the formal and non-formal curriculum of Romanian education.

Research objectives: Establishing the historical, epistemological and pedagogical milestones of school theatre in Romania as a dimension of aesthetic-artistic education; designing the pedagogical conditions for the application of strategies derived from Theatrical Art resources in school and in non-formal activities; describing the methodological approaches to the valorisation of school theatre and the impact that the courses of Theatrical Art bring in the formation of competences in students; presentation of the cultural-educational partnership through school theatre and professional theatre, as a specific form of perpetuation of this resource in the educational act; recording and analytic presentation of experiences and initiatives of re-animation of school theatre in pre-university education and in non-formal activities in the Romanian area; identification of strategies of integration of school theatre in the structure of the National Curriculum and in the non-formal activities of pre-university education institutions in Romania.

The scientific novelty and originality results from the investigation and exploitation of original historical and theoretical resources, as well as empirical and statistical research in order to develop an aesthetic-theatrical methodology for the implementation of school theatre as a subject in pre-university education; reorienting the exploration of the field of educational sciences towards the application of the formative resources of theatre art in the structure of Romanian formal and non-formal education.

Results that contributed to solving the scientific problem: The epistemological, methodological and praxiological argumentation of the institutionalization of learning through theatre and the inclusion of the subject of school theatre in the open structure of the current curriculum through the development of a complex curricular framework, necessary for the promotion of this educational resource, which allowed the elucidation of the meanings of the theatrical arts in the reaffirmation of school theatre and created the premises for several decisions at the level of education policy, in order to reshape contemporary education through the higher formative function of aesthetic-artistic education.

The theoretical significance of the research is proved by the theoretical specification of the notion of school theatre in historical evolution, through the use of a model of historical-pedagogical analysis of the national and universal issue of school theatre integrated into the open curriculum structure of pre-university education. The applicative value of the research is ensured in the context of promoting school theatre projects through various programmes of aesthetic-artistic education in the process of forming the student's image in pre-university education, in line with current educational guidelines.

Implementation of scientific research results: the author's teaching activity and national theatre projects (special theatre projects launched in schools).