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Theoretical and methodological benchmarks of diminishing aggression of arab studentsin high schools in Israel

Author: ABU RIA Ali
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Valentina Bodrug-Lungu
doctor habilitat, professor
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 22 December, 2021 at the meeting of the Scientific Council and now it is under consideration of the National Council.


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CZU 373.5(569.4):159.922.8(043.3)

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172 pages


aggression, self-esteem, non-violence, human/ child rights-based approach, education, non-violent school, risk factors, school violence, principles, gender-transformative approach, toxic masculinity, school setting


Structure of the thesis: Annotations, acronyms, introduction, 3 chapters, 130 pages of basic text, 25 figures and 19 tables, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography (159 titles), 11 annexes. The results are reflected in 8 publications.

Research field: Education Sciences.

The purpose of the research: it consists in the theoretical and practical foundation of the diminish the aggression of the high school girls and boys from Arab school in Israel. Research objectives: analysis of the evolution and essence of the concepts of aggression, violence in the education system in the context of contemporary social transformations, especially in Israel; identification of explanatory theories of the phenomenon of aggression in high school students; studying the correlations between aggression and self-esteem in Arab high school girls and boys in Israel; exploring international experiences of preventing and reducing aggression in students, especially in Israel and Moldova; determining the conditions and psycho-pedagogical premises of diminishing aggression among Arab high school students in Israel; conceptualization and validation of the Pedagogical Model for reducing aggression in high school students.

The novelty and scientific originality of the research: is objectified by updating and extending the approaches regarding the formation of non-aggressive behaviors in Arab high school students in Israel in a specific national context, the theoretical substantiation of the particularities of working with adolescents with aggressive behaviors, the elaboration of the Pedagogical Model to reduce aggression in high school students ”I can choose!”; elaboration of the Matrix of students' behaviour progress indicators and of the Pedagogical Instruments, which elucidates the theoretical approaches and the explanatory theories with reference to the phenomenon of aggression, as well as the operational strategies, the premises and adequate psycho-pedagogical conditions, the system of principles.

The scientific problem solved within the research consists in the elaboration of theoretical and methodological landmarks structured in the Pedagogical Model of diminishing aggression in high school students, by implementing which ensuring the effectiveness of diminishing aggression in Arab high school students in Israel, confirmed by optimizing high school students' relationship skills, but also their more effective learning.

The theoretical significance of the research is demonstrated by analyzing, specifying and delimiting the basic concepts: aggression, aggression, violence in school, self-esteem; redefining the concept of nonaggressive behavior; exploring new concepts in school context, such as the concept of ”toxic masculinity”, transformative gender approach, resistance/ resilience, conceptualization of the Pedagogical Model of diminishing aggression in high school students; the foundation of the training program ”I can choose!”.

The practical value of the research: The Pedagogical Model of diminishing aggression in high school students, represents an approach validated by experiment being useful for the optimization of the educationaleducational activities in the school environment. The tools and the Matrix of the progress indicators, elaborated within the research, results of the research can be useful to teachers, parents, school managers. Practical recommendations can be used in the initial and continuous training of teachers in the Arab sector in Israel.

Implementation of the scientific results: the research results were validated in teaching activities with students facing aggression in schools in the Arab sector in Israel, as well as in consultations with teachers in the school where they work and with parents of children participating in the training program . These were reflected in the author's scientific publications, and were also presented at various conferences in which he participated.