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Babără Nicanor, doctor habilitat, professorBabără Nicanor, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Moldova State University
Adviser Number:5 October, 2011, nr.1263
Specialties: 10.02.04 - Germanic Languages (with specification of language)
10.02.19 - General Linguistics (with specification: Sociolinguistics, Psychological, Structural, Contrastive Typological, Mathematical, Computational Linguistics)

Approved theses [3]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Lexical Indicators of Aspectuality in the German Language 10.02.04 USM adviser 28.12.2016
D Phonetic Nature and Phonemic Status of the English Centring Diphthongs (Experimental Study) 10.02.04 USM adviser 07.10.2015
D Articulatory Peculiarities and Acoustic Parameters of Roumanian and English Affricates (Linguistic Interpretation of Experimental Materials 10.02.19 adviser 20.09.2007