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Theses – Medicine, 2019

Elaborated theses [22]

Gr Title Approval date
D Surgical treatment of patients with metastatic pathological vertebral fractures 25.01.2019
14.00.22 - Orthopedics and Traumatology
D The clinical, electrophysiological and morphological peculiarities of atypical chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathies 25.01.2019
14.00.13 - Neurology
D Medical rehabilitation of disabled patients with lower limb amputation through active kinetic techniques: clinical and functional study 25.01.2019
14.00.34 - Balneology and Physiotherapy
DH The molecular profile of invasive breast carcinomas versus correspondent lymph node 15.03.2019
14.00.15 - Pathological Anatomy
DH Management of the anesthesic process of the geriatric patient in the surgical procedure 15.03.2019
14.00.37 - Anaesthesiology and Reanimathology
D The particularities of tuberculosis mortality in the current epidemiological condition 19.04.2019
14.00.26 - Phtisiopneumology
DH Maternal mortality in Republic of Moldova: medico-social, demographic, management aspects and ways of decreasing 15.03.2019
14.00.01 - Obstetrics and Gynecology
DH Clinical and evolutive interrelation and the medical-social impact of systemic lupus erythematosus 15.03.2019
14.00.06 - Cardiology and Reumatology
DH Toxocariasis: medical-social aspects; clinical-evolutionary manifestations; managerial and therapeutic conduct 15.03.2019
14.00.33 - Social Medicine and Management
D Estimation of the impact of mononucleotide polymorphisms on anthropometric risk factors for cardiovascular risk and lipid spectrum in young people 19.04.2019
14.00.06 - Cardiology and Reumatology
D The clinical, psychological and neuro-vegetative particularities of the teenage pregnancy and delivery 19.04.2019
14.00.01 - Obstetrics and Gynecology
D Persistent postoperative pain: risk factors and prevention 19.04.2019
14.00.37 - Anaesthesiology and Reanimathology
D Ulcerative colitis and liver pathology: clinical and paraclinical interrelations 09.07.2019
14.00.05 - Internal Diseases (with specification: Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy)
DH Management of risk factors surveillance related in cardiovascular premature mortality reduction in population of the Republic of Moldova 09.07.2019
14.00.33 - Social Medicine and Management
DH Improving treatment and prevention of the operated ear disease by reconstructive surgery (clinical-experimental study) 09.07.2019
14.00.04 - Otorhinolaryngology
D Management of the rehabilitation of the patients diagnosed with the degenerative and posttraumatic diseases of large articulations 09.07.2019
14.00.33 - Social Medicine and Management
D Optimization of the plastic surgery methods in the surgical correction of congenital defects of the anterior abdominal wall 09.07.2019
14.00.35 - Infantine Surgery
D The evolution of the health status of medical students in multidimensional aspects (physical, mental, social) 09.07.2019
14.00.05 - Internal Diseases (with specification: Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy)
D Immunological and immunophenotypic features of non - Hodgkin’s lymphomas 09.07.2019
14.00.14 - Oncology and Radiotherapy
D Clinical and molecular genetic peculiarities of symptomatic epilepsy due to neurocysticercosis 09.07.2019
14.00.13 - Neurology
D The impact of physical activity and nutrition on the development of obesity among adults 27.09.2019
14.00.07 - Hygiene
DH Etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features and treatment of the age-related cataract. 27.09.2019
14.00.08 - Ophthalmology