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The reseach Sociological approach of the national-universal relationship in the education of the youth in the context of the Romanian Language and Literature subject

Author: Adela Corina Fekete
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Vlad Pâslaru
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Education Sciences
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 9 September, 2005
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2005


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commonwealth, country, cultural and educational work, cultural current, culture and the structures of different contacts, cross - culturally, culture, current, custom, divinity, ethics, ethnic, habit, habit of mind, identity, ideological / ideologic, ideologist, ideology, language, mentality, nation, national and universal current, national, nationalism, nationality, nationally, overall, pedagogics, pedagogy, report, socialisation, sociology, state, tradition, traditional, traditionalism, traditionally, trend, universal, universalisation, universality, universally, value, to the tune of cultural values, worldwide


The research is committed to an extremely actual subject in the context of globalization and Europeanization process, of national educational systems reforming, of a sociological research on the national–universal in the field of education. The author stock takes and systematizes features and values of the national and the universal as phenomena–general principles, as well as concerning their appearance within the Romanian nation constituting process, within the Romanian spiritual culture, literature, but also within universal literature, from the education actors and the adolescent students perspective, including their reading activity.

The author seeks to demonstrate that the national-universal represents an implicit dichotomy, both of the educational sources – Romanian people’s spirituality, national literature, modern educational demarche; education projected values, and of the national-universal identity conscience forming/developing process itself, including adolescent student’s reader conscience. The sociological data obtained by research certify that the modern adolescent students confirm, by the systems of values studied, assumed, awaited, by communicative, literary-artistically behavior and by attitudes towards traditional and modern, national and universal values, the national-universal identity conscience specific features.

In their attitudes towards the national and universal values, Romanian adolescents situate perfectly with the globalizing and Europeanization tendencies, but they also need a favorable theoretical and educational experimental paradigm, they suggest education improvement at the level of aims systems, educational contents of the curricula, educational methodology, which would take into consideration not only the social demarche expressed by adults for youth education, but also youth expectation, themselves. As literary creations readers, adolescents integrate within their esthetic and literary experiences general values, too, values obtained by other fields of knowledge and life practice.

It has been observed that, in their expectations, adolescents express, in general, the same values as the adult population of some European developed countries, and that their options include as dominant institutions of socio-cultural formation, the family and the school, as well as value systems afferent to national-universal identity conscience shaping.

Values produced by the sociological research of the national-universal within education are applicable in the planning and effective realization of the educational project, alive within the teaching subject Romanian Language and Literature (mother language) and the teacher’s initial and continuous professional formation activities.