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Fundamentele psihopedagogice şi muzicologice ale educaţiei muzicale

Author: Ion Gagim
Degree:doctor habilitat of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific consultant: Vlad Pâslaru
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Education Sciences
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 17 September, 2004
Approved by NCAA on the 14 October, 2004


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musical act, musical activity, musical-didactic activity, specific psychologic features of music, poetic commentary of music, three-dimensio-nal psychologic-pedagogic-musical concept of musical education, musical consciousness, musical creation-rendition-hearing-analysis, musical culture, spiritual culture, artistic cognition, musical type of cognition, scientific cognition, musical development of pupils, artistic drama, musical education, artistic-epistemological-psychopedagogical entity, education epistemology, musical experience, forms of musical activity, the bases of Musicology, the bases of Psychology, musical thinking, musical imagination, musical intelligence, musical interiorization, lesson of musical education, musical language, musicality, Musicology, level of development of musical perception, a lively lesson of musical education, Art Pedagogy, Individual Pedagogy, musical perception, Musical Psychology, artistic re-interpretation of music, pedagogic re-interpretation of music, purpose of musical education, musical feeling, frame of singing, imagination stimulation, musical experience, three-dimensional psychologic-musical-pedagogical unity, the inner world


The scientific report of the author’s published in the field of pupils’ musical education (ME) summarizes the philosophical and epistemological foundations of the musical pedagogy, develops the pedagogical valences of school psychology, of music psychology and of musicology.

On this basis, the author systematizes and develops the rules and specific principles of musical education, supports new principles of musical education – the principle of interiorization of music and the principle of the pedagogical reinterpretation of music, - the concept of frame of singing and of the musical feeling. The autor also sets forward a new concept of the aims of ME, develops specific methodologies of ME, defines musical-didactic activities and structures them within an integrated system, defines the modern lesson of ME, the homework in ME and its methods of evaluation.

Values obtained through theoretical investigation and modeling of ME have been experimented and implemented in the educational practice of Moldova, through the elaboration and coordination of a complex of curricular musical pieces for ME, initial and continuous professional development of techers of ME, and guiding young researchers, thus being grounded within a modern concept of pupils’ ME. The validity of the concept is finalized by a syntheses of musical-spiritual values performed by school children, who had been instructed according to the new concept and through applying the elaborated curricular musical pieces.