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CNAA / Theses / 2018 / June /

Teacher training from the perspective of the student-centered education paradigm

Author: Lefter Liudmila
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Vladimir Guţu
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 28 June, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 23 November, 2018


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CZU 373.091 (043.3)

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218 pages


educational paradigm, student-centered education, teacher training, pedagogical technologies, student personality, internship, quality of education, self-education, self-education, selfesteem, university curriculum


Thesis Structure: The research includes: introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography (250 sources), 142 pages of text, 6 annexes. The text comprises 20 tables and 13 figures. The results of the research are reflected in 8 scientific papers published in scientific journals or presented at international conferences and conferences with international participation.

The research domain: University Pedagogy The aim of the research is the theoretical substantiation and experimental validation of the pedagogical model of initial teacher training from the perspective of student-centered education.

The objects of the research include the analysis of student-centered education and training of teachers from this perspective; substantiating the conceptual features of the initial teacher training from the perspective of student-centered education; developing the psycho-pedagogical model of initial teacher training in the context of student-centered education; the experimental validation of the psycho-pedagogical model of initial teacher traning through the application of the course "Learner centered education".

The scientific novelty and the theoretical significance is determined by the presentation and argumentation of the peculiarities of the initial teacher training process from the point of view of student-centered education; finding that the efficiency of this process depends on its orientation in this direction during all years of university studies; introduction of the "Learner centered education" academic course as a basis for initial teacher training and integration of the concept of student-centered education into core courses and special courses of psycho-pedagogical subjects; the organization of pedagogical practice internships which have as a mandatory element the diagnosis and individual activity with the pupils; revealing of the general and psycho-pedagogical conditions necessary to build a model of professional teacher training, which ensures the effectiveness of the training of students in pedagogical institutions for student-centered education.

The scientific problem solved in the research lies in the capitalization of the social, psychological and pedagogical fundamentals in the initial training of the teachers from the point of view of the student-centered education paradigm – a determinant factor in ensuring the quality of the pedagogical education.

The applicative value of the research: The proposed psycho-pedagogical model, ensures the efficiency of the initial teacher training process from the point of view of student-centered education. The model has been applied at the State University of Moldova and can be recommended for initial teacher trainig at all faculties with a pedagogical profile. The academic course "Learner centered education" can also be adapted for the in-service teacher training.

Implementation of scientific results: The implementation of the results was achieved by applying the curriculum "Learner centered education", the manual and the methodological guide respectively in the process of initial teacher education in higher education institutions with pedagogical profile; by resizing other psycho-pedagogical disciplines from the point of view of student-centered education; by introducing student-centered education topics into Continuing Teacher Training Programs as well as through the scientific and methodological publications of the author.