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The Valorization of Relational Competence in the Formation of Social Pedagogues

Author: Davidescu Elena
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Larisa Sadovei
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Institution: Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"


The thesis was presented on the 2 November, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 25 January, 2019


Adobe PDF document1.40 Mb / in romanian


CZU 37.091:37.013.42 (043.3)

Adobe PDF document 5.47 Mb / in romanian
238 pages


social pedagogy, social pedagogues, communication, relationship, relational competence, initial vocational training curriculumof the social pedagogues, training


Thesis structure: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 208 titles, annotation (Romanian, English, Russian), key concepts (in Romanian, English, Russian), list of abbreviations, 150 pages of the basic text, 54 tables, 24 figures and 20 annexes.

Publications on the thesis: 22 scientific papers. Field of study: University pedagogy.

The aim of the researchis to determine the theoretical and methodological aspects of valorization of the relational competence in the professional training of social pedagogues.

The objectives of the investigation: to determine the theoretical and methodological aspects of valorisation of the relational competence in the activity of the social pedagogues; interdisciplinary analysis of the “relationship” in the context of valorisation of the social pedagogical profession regarding the provision of social education; examining the positioning of the relational competence in the initial teacher education curriculum; developing the profile of competence of the social pedagogue from the point of view of the specific values of the relationship; the assessment of the levels and the peculiarities of initial and continuing training of the competence of social pedagogues in higher education; designing and experimental validation of the training for the competence of social pedagogical relations in the university context.

The scientific novelty and originality of the research consists of: redefining the concept of relational competence for the facilitation of long-lasting communication interactions and maintaining balanced relations with the beneficiaries; updating the initial teacher education curriculum of social pedagogues for the creation of socio-educational premises of quality professional excellence by capitalizing on (affirmation) the relationship of competence in the work of social pedagogues.

The solved scientific problem in the research aims at the valorizing dimension of the competence of social pedagogues in order to anticipate the difficulties of relation and intervention in the field of social work by: updating the initial training curriculum of the social pedagogues for the creation of the methodological premises of the effective communicative interaction, materialized in the relations between social pedagogues and beneficiaries from the perspective of humanistic rationalism; experimental design and validation of the training of the competence of social pedagogical relations that led to the consolidation and affirmation of the professional competences in view of ensuring the quality of the socio-educational services.

Theoretical significance of the research is shaped by the interference of the sciences of education in the sociological approach of the competence of social pedagogical relations through: analysis of the dilemmas of the communicative interaction in the field of social work; identifying in the epistemic content of the competence to relate the values specific to the professional interaction with the beneficiaries, elucidated on the dimensions: interpersonal communication, represented by empathy, active listening, self-control of emotions and management of pedagogical resources, represented by the prevention of deviant behavior, the group management and the formation of life skills ; updating and developing the meaning of the usual terms of research: social pedagogy and social pedagogue, interpersonal communication, initial teacher education curriculum, etc.; the elaboration and the plenary valorisation of the curricular resources necessary for the professional qualification of the social pedagogues.

The applicative value of the research results from: describing the peculiarities and levels of formation of the competence of the social pedagogues; the experimental argumentation of the formative potential, with long-term effects of the training of the relational competence training on the deontological behavior of the social pedagogues by actively stimulating the integration of the values necessary for the communicative interactions in order to ensure the quality of the socio-educational services; elaboration and capitalization in the university practice of the social pedagogical competence profile in the context of values specific to social relation.

The implementation of the scientific results was achieved through the dissemination of the results of the theoretical research and the experimentation of the training of the competence of the social pedagogical relations at the “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University in Chisinau during the years 2007-2016.