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The processive development of continuous training for teachers (from pre-university education)

Author: Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb Tatiana
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Angela Cara
doctor, associate professor (docent), Institute of Education Sciences
Institution: Institute of Education Sciences


The thesis was presented on the 20 December, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 15 March, 2019


Adobe PDF document1.23 Mb / in romanian


CZU 373.091(043.3)

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150 pages


development, process, training, internal marketing training results, performing, usability, needs, motivation, professional freedom


Thesis structure: introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 205 sources, 5 annexes, 139 pages of main text, 5 figures, 9 tables.

Publications at the thesis theme: Research results were reflected in 6 scientific publications, including articles in profile magazines - 3, 2 communications at the international conferences.

Study field: Training courses for teachers The work purpose: elaboration of an model of training development process for teachers and it application to the pre-university education; verification and validation of the experimental results.

Research objectives: The analysis of the ideas about continuous training from the perspective of opening for development (factors, conditions, causes, influences); reconfiguration of the training process trough the development component, including operational process; valorization of continuous training from the perspective of operational and useful aspects; outlining a new approach to the performance in the training process; redefinition of continuing education factors by highlighting those aspects that enhances the result; designing analytical actions, starting from the teachers’ performance as a result of continuous training. Scientific novelty: Starting from the idea of processuality, which gives coherence and finality to training, becoming a causal mediator of the results obtained and which essentially contributes to the success of the training, the essential element in the development process is the one educational marketing. Based on the specificity of educational marketing, the necessity of approaching the internal marketing, which presupposes a continuous training practice aiming at the maximum efficiency of the circuit of ideas to formable by its own involvement, has been argued, this phenomenon being an innovative approach in the present research.

Important scientific problem solved results in conceptualizing the concept of internal marketing training as a factor in the development process of continuous training for teachers, which help to clarify the role of each teacher in his/her own training so as to direct the process.

Theoretical significance is to formulate trends and targets in continuous trainings by synthesizing the European principles, review ongoing training of postmodern perspective as a long-term process, perception of continuous education at three levels of reference (functional, structural, operational) , completing the moods of teacher’s training, highlighting interrelations continuing education, specifying factors keeping teachers in actuality, rethinking of continuous learning in pre-university education and reviewing the principles of connecting to cognitive motivation of teachers.

Applicative research value: taking the basic theoretical parts of continuous training (specific features, plans, plus finalities), intrinsic factors of continuing education of teachers: professionalization needs, choice, motivation; development epic-genesis, the specific of educational marketing, using the concept of internal marketing training, as a factor of development and results as an effect of the development, was developed the Model of development process of continuous training for teachers, applicative value which was tested in the pedagogical experiment.

Implementation of scientific results: Primary school-kindergarten no.199 from Chisinau; Theoretical Lyceum "LDeleanu" from Chisinau; Theoretical Lyceum "Cehov" even at teachers, as well as at children/students level.