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Psycho-pedagogical values of overcoming the school absenteeism

Author: Decean Monica
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Maia Şevciuc
doctor, associate professor (docent), Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 25 August, 2021
Approved by NCAA on the 26 November, 2021


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CZU 373.5.091(043.3)

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226 pages


absenteeism, psychological factors, social factors, pedagogical factors, mechanisms of overcoming absenteeism, methods of overcoming absenteeism, circles, psychological climate


Structure of the thesis. The thesis contains: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 227 titles and 12 annexes. The thesis volume contains 161 pages of basic text, including 28.

Field of study: General theory of education.

The purpose of the research consists in determining and capitalizing on the theoretical and praxiological foundations of overcoming school absenteeism in high school students. Research objectives: they are: the analysis of current theoretical approaches and the deduction of the tendencies to overcoming school absenteeism in high school students; establishing the psycho-pedagogical steps of overcoming school absenteeism in high school students; determining the risk factors of school absenteeism in adolescents; identification of the characteristics of the school absenteeism in the high school students (the profile of the absentee student); foundation and elaboration of the psycho-pedagogical program for overcoming school absenteeism in high school students; experimental validation of the psycho-pedagogical program to reduce school absenteeism in high school students.

The novelty and scientific originality is objectified by: updating the concept of school absenteeism in the new socio-economic and educational conditions which appears at the interference of educational, psychological, social, family and individuals factors; interpretation and classification of the risk factors of school absenteeism from the perspective of their interconnection and their valences of influence on the given phenomenon; the transfer of some provisions of the reference theories, which indirectly deal with school absenteeism, in conceptual benchmarks/ valences for overcoming this phenomenon: the definition of the concept of school absenteeism was developed/ complemented, deduced a system of principles and mechanisms for overcoming school absenteeism; the idea of the dominant factor that causes school absenteeism is advanced Foundation and modeling of the psychological profile of the absentee student based on the analysis of the particularities of the manifestation of the school absenteeism, based on the analysis of the age particularities of the high school students, which served as a basis for elaborating the functions of the process of overcoming the school absenteeism.

The important scientific solved problem consists in identifying the psycho-pedagogical valences (theoretical and praxiological landmarks) of overcoming school absenteeism, in the context of the interconnection of internal and external factors of manifestation of this phenomenon, having as effect the remedy of the educational crisis in high school students.

The theoretical significance of the research resides in: the the development of theoretical provisions on school absenteeism with new provisions and principles: the definition of school absenteeism was supplemented with a provision on quasi-behavior of students, which indicates their lack of interest, motivation, self-confidence, the presence of anxiety and a low level of socio-psychological adaptation in the lyceum and represents a deviation from existing norms of behavior; conceptual foundations for overcoming school absenteeism were developed within the framework of the relationship of psychological, pedagogical, social, and managerial approaches; methodological/ praxiological provisions were supplemented with new approaches and provisions regarding: mechanisms of overcoming school absenteeism, psychological, pedagogical and managerial; psychopedagogical ways of overcoming school absenteeism on the basis of a comprehensive Program, the actions of which are aimed at teachers, psychologists, parents and students.

The applicative value of the research: The psycho-pedagogical program for overcoming school absenteeism represents an approach validated by experiment, being useful to develop effective strategies of adolescent self-motivation for learning, to optimize the teaching act as well as to improve student-teacher, parent-student and teacher- communication. parent. The research results can be of real use to teachers, psychopedagogues, school psychologists in educational institutions. Practical recommendations can be used in the initial and continuous training of teachers, school psychologists.

The implementation of scientific results. The implementation of scientific results was achieved through experimental research at the Technological High School ˮHenri Coandăˮ, Sibiu, Romania, by implementing the theoretical and praxiological landmarks developed and structured in the Psycho-pedagogical Program to overcome truancy in students, being presented in the methodical commissions of the CJAP ClujNapoca, department meetings, including through communications to national and international scientific conferences.