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Value orientations in professional training

Author: Gîncu Irina
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Otilia Dandara
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 25 August, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 7 October, 2015


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CZU 378 (043.3)

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184 pages


referential of professional values, value orientation, professional training, professional competence, pedagogical model of value orientations in professional training, professional training conception, professional values


Structure of the thesis. The thesis is divided into introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, recommendations, bibliography (253 sources), 10 appendices. The thesis has 155 pages of basic text, 24 figures, 23 charts. The research results are reflected in 12 publications in scientific journals and publications and in 8 national and international conferences.

Field of study: university education

Purpose of research: theoretical and praxiological demonstration of the Pedagogical model of value orientations in professional training (PMVOPT)

Reasearch Objectives: different-perspective analysis of the theoretical and conceptual approaches of values and value orientations; conceptualizing of the terms: referential of professional values, value orientation; analysis of the value dimension in the contextual and praxiological context of professional competences formation; designing the Pedagogical model of value orientations in professional training (PMVOPT); experimental validation of the Pedagogic model (PMVOPT) in the context of university education.

Scientific novelty of the research consists in: designing and validating the Pedagogical model of value orientations in professional training (PMVOPT) of future professionals; epistemologic transdisciplinary analysis of values; describing and reconceptualizing value orientations from the professional training's perspective which helped create the Referential of professional values, Taxonomy of value orientations, Register of professional values and Matrix of value internalization.

The scientific problem which was solved by the research lies in theoretical demonstration and experimental validation of the Pedagogical model of value orientations in professional training (PMVOPT), thus contributing to the strengthening of axiological dimension of professional training conception and to the demonstration of the way the axiological dimension can be implemented in the educational process.

Theoretical significance of the research consists in psychopedagogical analysis of the university students' value orientation, which are held by: defining the terms orientation value, reference system of professional values; appoaching values and value orientation as dimensions of the educational process from the philosophical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical perspectives; determining the theoretical basis of axiological dimension of professional training reflected in the Referential of professional values; theoretical demonstration of Pedagogical model of value orientations in professional training.

Practical significance of the research lies in the use of strategies for internalizing professional values in correlation with the curricular conception of professional training. The outlining of the educational way of teaching professional competences emphasizes the axiological dimension of professional behavior: demonstration of the importance and possibilities of functional connection between the Referential of professional values established by labor market and the way of forming value orientations through professional values internalization in the educational context.